2021 Intern Reports

Virtual Speech Therapy Client Outreach


Virtual Speech Therapy Client Outreach



Blabl: Smarter Speech Therapy is an app that is used to aid students that suffer from speech impediments, and is mainly utilized by speech language pathologists for their patients, parents who are looking to help their sppech-imparied children, and other younger kids/students looking to better their speech. This year, the Blabl startup was a part of the Y Combinator startup accelerator. This app was developed through the past few years by Mr. Ayan Agarwal, and Mr. Shreyas Agnihotri joined him as well. As an intern, I heavily worked on outreach to various SLP practices in high business areas. Furthermore, as the internship progressed, the company went through a pivot and changed its tracks as a startup focusing on customer success and focuses on assisting business with “quantify(ing) the business value of (their) products deliver, share live views of ROI with customers, and export custom reports that convince buyers to close renew and expand.” (https://blabl.io/)

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Ayan Agarwal, Founder; Blabl

Virtual Speech Therapy Client Outreach