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TurnUp is an organization that focuses on empowering and connecting young activists through their training program and social networking application. Throughout my internship, I contributed to TurnUp as a general intern as well as a co-team leader. I performed weekly tasks exploring the impact of various topics on young people, engaging in grassroots activism, and working with my team members. The objective of my business project was to work with a curriculum presented to TurnUp by YouthQuake, an organization dedicated to educating students through an action civics program. I was tasked with matching and adapting the YouthQuake curriculum to suit the TurnUp training program and TurnUp’s mission and values. I analyzed the YouthQuake curriculum, gauged suitability to the TurnUp training program, and developed task sheets for future implementation. Finally, I surveyed the TurnUp community to gain a general response to the adapted curriculum. Based on the feedback from the TurnUp community, those surveyed found the proposed curriculum to be engaging and have value. Feedback responses also included general comments and suggestions for boosting engagement, improving clarity and organization, and possible concerns. Throughout my internship, I developed a deeper understanding of TurnUp and learned how to create an effective and engaging activism-related curriculum.

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Dr. Nancy Shapiro, Board Chair; TurnUp Activism

TurnUp: The Youth Activism App



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