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In the present day, it is crucial for startups to develop a strong internet and digital presence. In its growing stages, companies must leverage technology to gain traction in their work. As a start-up in its second year, Encore Batavia needed to shift their focus to leveraging digital assets to share information and extend their reach. My job was to help Encore Batavia accomplish this by gaining a presence online as well as launch its Interactive Art Project online. This was accomplished by researching best practices of website development and different hosting platform options for the interactive art map project. Once I had a strong grasp on the topic, I was able to create an effective webpage using WordPress and an interactive arts map using ArcGIS for Encore Batavia. From there, I worked on optimizing both tools and sustaining them to keep up with ever-changing information.

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Britta McKenna, Founder; Encore Batavia

Technology’s Aid in Startups



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