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How Growth Hacking Affects a Startup


How Growth Hacking Affects a Startup



Blabl.io started as an app designed to make pediatric speech therapy easier and engaging for children. Since then, it has pivoted into a platform for customer success specialists to track value realization through data visualization and reports.

This pivot launched the original startup, Blabl, into a different industry, changing the name to ScaleVal. While Blabl was centered around Education Technology, specifically speech therapy designed for children, ScaleVal is concentrated on making customer success easier for companies. ScaleVal offers a unique solution to companies with Customer Success Teams by allowing them to analyze their performances and ROI. This service quantifies companies’ customer success outcomes and creates helpful models.

My internship had begun before they made this pivot, so I was able to experience the company transforming their original idea into a completely different business model. The work done by our team of interns assisted in the decision to make said pivot. During the beginning phase of the internship, pre-pivot, interns had the responsibility of researching outreach methods and collecting data on several potential clientele. Towards the end of the internship, post-pivot, the interns had the responsibility of qualifying and personalizing strong sales leads on companies with large and small customer success teams.

The compiled data and research was used to determine target market and outreach strategies for the company. After this, it became clear to the founders that a pivot was needed. Using their resources, they made the pivot and repeated a similar process for ScaleVal. This time, it was more streamlined and outlined for the interns. The internship directly impacted the trajectory of the business and helped the founders make their pivot.

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Ayan Agarwal, Shreyas Agnihotri, Founders; Blabl/ScaleVal

How Growth Hacking Affects a Startup