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This year, like almost every year, I decided to spend my summer vacation at a faraway destination. Except this time, I wouldn’t just be a tourist: I would be representing the United States of America at the 13th annual International Student Science Fair (ISSF) in Busan, South Korea, a bustling port city with a rich and vibrant culture.

In the third week of June, I packed my suitcase and research poster, and drove down to the airport. There, I met my traveling companions: two fellow rising seniors and four IMSA staff members. After 14 hours on a plane, we would finally arrive at our destination: Busan. Upon arrival, we were greeted by students from the host school of ISSF 2017, the Korean Science Academy (KSA), a science magnet school affiliated with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). We were herded onto a bus and made the short drive to KSA. When we arrived, my eyes probably widened, as the school was a sight to behold. Built in a region with geography that greatly differs from my native plains, the school is comfortably nestled between large hills. The facilities are modern and stylistically complement the school’s innovative nature.

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