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Judging Criteria for Posters ~ Posters must conform to the following requirements: No larger than 4 feet wide x 2 feet tall, Posters must be brought to ISSF. (Printing will not be available at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy.) Font size must be readable from a distance. Use large font sizes.

Expected Poster Components: Title, Author(s), Introduction/Research Question, Methodology, Results/Conclusions, Acknowledgments, Bibliography of important sources, What I Learned, Future Research

Poster Format: The printed poster dimensions are:
— No larger than 4 feet wide x 2 feet tall OR 120 cm wide x 60 cm tall (A landscape orientation is required for the holders that the posters will be displayed on.
— A1 is used by England and Australia, and the dimensions are closer to 24″ x 36″ or 36″ x 24″ – so it’s a smaller poster size than the dimensions above and therefore not an issue for our display needs.
— Posters MUST be brought to ISSF – printing will not be available.



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