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Steve Condie, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy


In a famous incident in August 2010, a Chinese traffic jam stretched for over 100 kilometers and stranded drivers took over two weeks to get from one side to the other. Stemming from a routine lane closure for road maintenance, the traffic jam soon spiraled out of control, as cars piling up at the jam greatly outnumbered those leaving the other end. Sadly, in todays overpopulated world, these sorts of nightmare scenarios are only becoming more and more common, from chronic traffic jams in congested Chinese cities to Carmageddon in Los Angeles. For drivers, these extensive traffic jams can be frustrating at best and downright infuriating at worst, leading to potentially unsafe driving and the chance of road rage (1).


The team received an Outstanding at the High School Mathematics Modeling Contest, run by Comap.

Eight of 719 papers, submitted internationally, were designated "Outstanding".

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