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After deciding on world hunger as our topic for our Methods in Scientific Inquiry (MSI) project, we decided to conduct an experiment about sourdough starters. In particular, we were asking how the type of flour (ie, whole wheat and all-purpose) may affect the rise of sourdough starters. The differences in height in the different types of sourdough starters using whole wheat and all-purpose flour were identified. We used paired t-tests for deciding if the heights of the starters grew overtime and a two-sample t-test to find if the mean change in height was statistically significant between the different types of flours. After analyzing data, it was discovered that each sourdough starter rose a statistically significant amount from the first day for both types of flour. When compared to each other, all-purpose flour starters rose a statistically significant amount more than whole wheat starters. The application of these results is to reduce world hunger and possibly provide more food to those who need it by using higher-rising flours to create sourdough breads.



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