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Robert Roth, Brian Sebby, and Christian Nøkkentved

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Robert Roth, Brian Sebby, and Christian Nøkkentved



Robert Roth, class of 1995, says he came to IMSA to try something new and get away from home, while Brian Sebby, class of 1996, came in order to have more opportunities than his school at home would have offered. They both recall making new friends soon after they arrived. In terms of extracurricular activities, Sebby remembers starting a Star Trek club. Roth played soccer, and later ultimate frisbee, and he sang in choir and with Sound FX.

In classes, Roth recalls taking Spanish and Dr. Victory's history classes, though he felt most comfortable with chemistry, physics, and math. Sebby says it was his first introduction to computer science, which set him on his current path. He also remembers participating in the pilot program for integrated science and felt it didn't work. He also says he struggled with problem-based learning because he didn't have enough of the fundamentals. They both recall the complexities of the class schedule, which at the time had A, B, C, D, E, and X days.

Sebby says he's forgotten a lot of the day-to-day details of classes, but it is the people that stick out in his mind as he looks back on his time at IMSA and some are still among his closest friends. Roth says that as well as his friends, he has fond memories of staff, including in the IRC where he did his work service.

Overall, the important things they took away from their experiences, as well as their friends and academics, included a certain amount of experience and maturity. Roth says that IMSA gave him the chance to mess up in a more controlled environment, so when he got to college he was better able to focus. Sebby says IMSA is the single most significant thing that has effected his life. Both agree that IMSA feels like "home".

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Robert Roth, Brian Sebby, and Christian Nøkkentved