Straight Outta IMSA

Music is one of the most powerful creative means of expression, and holds the power to cheer, inspire, and unite masses of people. Music videos extend this capacity, adding another dimension of creativity. The ability to create an original song and music video to convey those ideas widens the window of possibilities for self-expression and story-telling.

  • Rakesh Chatrath, IMSA Class of 2016
  • Eric Hennenfent, IMSA Class of 2015
  • Derek Lubecke, IMSA Class of 2015
  • Bill McGrail, ITMC Staff -


Final Video from 2016

Straight Outta IMSA, Allison Bai '17, Will Bauer '16, Camryn Clanton '17, Madison Dong '17, Divya Dureja '17, Fernando Elesterio '18, Abigail Mungcal '17, Anabel Rivera '16, Nikhilesh Thota '16, Brice Wang '16, Sarah Xu '16, and Amy Yu '17