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Begin lying on your side with the torso and head lined up along the back edge of the mat. Flex the hips slightly so the feet line up with the front edge of the mat. Support the head on the hand with the arm on the mat and the other hand in front of the chest. Keep the shoulders and the hips stacked on top of each other and the spine straight. The bottom leg can be parallel or turned out with the bottom foot flexed and the toes tucked under. Maintain this position throughout the movement.

Exhale and lift the top leg up toward the ceiling, creasing at the top of the femur without moving the top hip or shortening the waist. Reach the leg away from the hip as it goes up. Lift the leg, not the hip. Keep the shoulders and hips stacked. Inhale and lower the top leg back to near the bottom leg. Repeat. Switch sides.

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Health and Physical Education

Side-lying Leg Lift (up and down)



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