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As many of you know, Dr. Leon Lederman, founding father of IMSA, Nobel Laureate in Physics, former Director of Fermi Lab, husband, father, teacher, and mentor, passed away on October 3, 2018. Dr. Lederman belonged not only to IMSA, but to the world. We mourn his loss. And today, I am taking a short pause from my regular Personal Reflections to share with you how Dr. Lederman has impacted our lives.

I am the first President of IMSA who never had an opportunity to meet Dr. Lederman personally. Two years ago, during our 30th anniversary, I read much about IMSA's history which included stories of "Uncle Leon." I read words he penned and spoke during previous IMSA Convocations and viewed some of his videos. From these, I took away that Uncle Leon was not only brilliant, but also humble. He loved to joke, to teach, and to mentor. Not getting to know him personally was my loss.

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