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Today as our IMSA students depart from their IMSA home to spend winter break at their "other" home, I want to wish them and their families a very joy-filled winter break. I know that our staff, including myself and the faculty, look forward to enjoying the holidays with our respective families.

Last Friday, our students, led ably by our Music Faculty Mary Beth McCarthy and Emily Cooley, put on a spectacular music program, "Sleigh Ride Around the World". Many family members who joined us can attest to the quality and variety of the performance. I was so impressed with the diversity of songs, composers, and instruments represented in the program. This diversity reminded me that I have not yet focused on Equity and Excellence in these Personal Reflections. As you might recall, I am using each issue of this year's Personal Reflections to focus on one IMSA Priority. Today, I want to focus on our Equity and Excellence priority.

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