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This report provides the Board of Trustees with information regarding Academy activities and the progress that we are making toward achieving our IMSA Impact and Outcomes Statement and Priority Outcomes. I organize the Report of the President, where appropriate, around the IMSA Impact and Outcomes document:

Three pillars:

  1. STEM Teaching and Learning
  2. Operational Capacity
  3. Stakeholder Engagement

One Strategy—Strengthen Employee Engagement

  1. Advance Equity and Excellence Plan: Year One of Action
  2. Beyond surviving...Resolved to thrive (IMSA employees working remotely must do more than merely survive the year; we want to thrive!)

I provide information, updates and general observations with IMSA stakeholders, including IMSA employees, students, and parents via my Personal Reflections throughout the year.

SPECIAL NOTICE: Due to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Pritzker’s Executive Orders, IMSA staff and students left the IMSA Campus on March 13, 2020, and continue to work, teach, and learn remotely. Only when required for a business purpose are IMSA staff working from our campus in Aurora.



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