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To provide Trustees with a report of activities and efforts of note, I organize the Report of the President, where appropriate, around the Priorities for 2016-2017 (a) Finalize and publish an “IMSA Operational Excellence Dashboard;” (b) Strengthen identity as a learning laboratory as expressed through grand challenges; (c) Develop and nurture my direct reports’ leadership orientation, equity commitment, and systems level management; and (d) Prepare original material suitable for publication as evidence of IMSA thought leadership and the Leadership Profile Components used by the Trustees to evaluate the President’s performance: (1) Institutional Planning (and Executing); (2) Financial/Business Model; (3) Innovations in Teaching and Learning and in STEM Talent Development; (4) Institutional Research and Scholarship on Program Effectiveness and RoI; (5) Thought Leadership in STEM Education Policy; and (6) Stakeholder’s Positive Action(s) on Behalf of IMSA. For additional information and updates on IMSA, please see my Personal Reflections that provide general observations shared with IMSA stakeholders throughout the year.



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