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Located in Aurora, Illinois, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) is an internationally recognized, pioneering educational institution created by the State to develop talent and stimulate excellence in teaching and learning in mathematics, science, and technology (Marshall 2002). IMSA's advanced residential college preparatory program enrolls 650 academically talented Illinois students in grades 10—12. Students come from across the state of Illinois, applying as freshmen to enter the Academy in the sophomore class. The student body is 50% female and 50% male. Of the 2003-04 student profile, 69% of students were from the Chicago/Metropolitan area and 31% were from other areas of Illinois. Ethnic demographics for this group were 49% White, 35% Asian, 8% African American, 4% Latino, 3% bi-racial/multi-ethnic, and fewer than 1% Native American. IMSA utilizes an accomplishment- based selection process that incorporates performance on projects as well as participation or leadership in extracurricular activities, together with more traditional indicators of achievement, such as test scores and grades. Typically, 10—15% of the entering class will be eighth graders, although younger students have been admitted occasionally.


Exemplary Science in Grades 9-12: Standards-Based Success Stories: Chapter 11

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NSTA Press: Exemplary Science in Grades 9-12: Standards-Based Success Stories



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