Nico Aguilar; SPEEKO, CEO and Co-Founder


Arts & Humanities

Start Date

22-4-2020 9:30 AM

End Date

22-4-2020 10:00 AM

Executive Summary

Speeko is a public speaking app, designed to reach individuals across all communities and help them become confident and motivated speakers. The app uses advanced phonetic and linguistic algorithms that give insights into each individual's speaking style. The focus of the business project for Speeko has changed over time and included reaching out to select target audiences, SEO projects, writing blogs for the company website, secondary market research, and data analysis. Over the course of six months,the company provided us opportunities to work with both employers and customers involved with the company through email and messenger resources. Over the course of the business project, the company benefited through the deliverance of integrating new student-led public speaking ideas, focused market research, and social media impact expansion. The most significant impact of these deliverables was intense data management and market research that allowed the company to expand its resources to a greater target audience.


Apr 22nd, 9:30 AM Apr 22nd, 10:00 AM

Business Project: Speeko for Schools


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