Stella Ashaolu; WeSolv, CEO


Arts & Humanities

Start Date

22-4-2020 9:30 AM

End Date

22-4-2020 10:00 AM

Executive Summary

WeSolv is a startup that focuses on bringing the most qualified candidates to prospective hiring companies by designing and utilizing case challenges to accurately assess the candidates’ skill sets. The case challenges consist of several activities (presentations, research, etc.) that the candidates must execute, which measure their fit for potential jobs. For the past academic year, the company has provided information on how to obtain insight on their system metrics and to better understand the process of choosing their assessing skills. Since desired skills in candidates are fluid throughout time, the company needs to constantly ensure that they have the right information to stay aligned with the current markets. The research project consists of utilizing public resources (LinkedIn, Indeed, Glass Door, etc.) to identify the overall preferred skills for selective MBA jobs. During the business project, the company has benefited from the research performed and the integration of the constantly shifting new job market information. The biggest impact this research served was the discovery of new skills that align with the shifting desire in the job market, and the confirmation of suitable skills identified from the past.


Apr 22nd, 9:30 AM Apr 22nd, 10:00 AM

WeSolv: MBA Job Analysis


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