Everyone is a leader. Everyone. Whether you know it or not, someone out there is looking up to you…learning from you. Some of us play the leader role formally as supervisors, counselors, teachers, coaches, parents, or student leaders. Some of us shy away from leadership roles like these from fear we will be ineffective, that we don’t have anything to offer, or that we simply don’t know how to be a good leader.

Here’s the good news: There is nothing wrong with being a leader who doesn’t always get it right. It’s okay to be wrong, to make mistakes, to live a messy life. The important part is to keep hustling and never to settle for mediocre. In Leading Imperfectly, James Robilotta invites us to cuddle up with our flaws, share our reservations, and embrace that we all have more to learn together. He shows us how to lead from our faults, drawing on our own stories for inspiration and taking our leadership roles, but not ourselves, seriously, so we can learn as we go.


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