Document Type

Sophomore Honorable Mention

Award Date

Spring 2012

Course Name

Literary Explorations II


Dr. Adam Kotlarczyk


In Steven Crane’s Maggie, people survive in a downcast world, where desperate people squelch the hope of those around them. This hopeless environment reduces the characters, even the once innocent, beautiful Maggie, into a creature that is more animal than human. This situation is also seen in A Lost Lady. Instead of having happy, idealized events, both novels are realistic and often pessimistic, with characters whose descriptions and behaviors do not match up with what is expected of a human being. Willa Cather’s A Lost Lady is a naturalist text due to the dehumanization of the characters through animalistic descriptions, emphasis on the three biological needs of man, and casual announcements of life changing events as also seen in Maggie by Crane.



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