Document Type

Sophomore Honorable Mention

Award Date

Spring 2013

Course Name

Literary Explorations II


Dr. Adam Kotlarczyk


On national holidays like Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, and Veterans Day, people all over the United States honor heroes who have protected their country and its residents. While some people receive public recognition for their deeds, others serve as heroes for just a few people. Regardless of their popularity, all heroes possess certain qualities that make them esteemed and respected. The coinage of the term “Hemingway code hero” supports this idea. The expression represents a character in one of Ernest Hemingway’s works that personifies values like bravery, honor, and perseverance and maintains poise in the face of overwhelming challenges. His reactions to difficulties, if elegant and in accordance with these values, assert his manliness. Santiago, the main character in Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, exemplifies a code hero by defying social and physical restraints, persevering through negative experiences, and gracefully handling failure.



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