Document Type

Senior Award Winner

Award Date

Spring 2014

Course Name

Modern Theater


Dr. Leah Kind


Eager whispers travel through the crowd. The anticipation is building. The clock strikes 7:30 and then the lights go off, and the performers come out on stage. The crowd goes wild as the band launches into their first song. Music lovers frequent concerts in their free time. Concerts are not enjoyed by everyone. Some people claim they cannot stand the loud rock music blaring from the speakers. Instead they would rather go see a play, because they are considered classier. Rock concerts are perceived as loud and noisy, while plays appear to be elegant and perfect for a quiet night of entertainment. On the surface it appears as if concerts and plays are very different. This is not true. In both cases a lot of effort has to go into planning and executing the performance. Both concerts and plays are planned out, enjoyed by different types of audiences, and enhanced by the performer’s effort.



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