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Presented at the Society of Open Innovation Conference

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Steve Goldblatt; Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy


Global education inequality, equity of educational opportunity, displaced youth, STEM, open innovation




Both Education for All (EFA) and Millennium Development Goals (MDG) agendas emphasize increasing equality of global educational opportunities and bridging the accessibility gap. Approximately 25% of refugees are deprived of elementary school educational opportunities, and about 65% do not have access to secondary school (Dryden-Peterson, 2010). Studies of Syrian refugees show that the lack of partnership and digital technology in higher education restricts their educational opportunities (Pherali and Abu Mohli, 2021). The recent STEM education reform for IMSA proposes a community-oriented open innovation STEM model that combines community and open innovation (Lee and Jung, 2021). The gap of global educational opportunities can be primarily solved through partnership formation, community-oriented model introduction, and an online education curriculum. This paper explains how IMSA's online education of Ugandan children can provide a curriculum that combines open innovation and STEM to displaced youth worldwide. This paper aims to analyze the field experience of how IMSA's long-standing STEM education experience helps develop this curriculum. It also explores how the IMSA Youth Open Innovation Club created networks with ASA Social Fund and UBpay to raise the necessary resources for Ugandan children. This research case demonstrates that IMSA's Uganda Online Global Education Case is an open innovation that combines STEM knowledge resources inside IMSA and cooperation and support from for-profit and non-profit organizations outside IMSA. Furthermore, this research provides in-depth stories about the obstacles in delivering open innovation STEM education for globally displaced youth.

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