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Claus-Peter Richter, Ph.D.; Northwestern Medicine

Xioadong Tan, Ph.D.; Northwestern Medicine


Cisplatin is one of the most common chemotherapeutic drugs prescribed by doctors around the world, however among the drug’s many side effects is an increase of ROS levels in the body. This results in mitochondrial destruction which causes damage to the auditory system and hearing loss. However, Honokiol, a traditional Chinese drug with mitochondrial protection and anti-tumor properties has been shown to prevent hearing loss from Cisplatin. This study aims to identify the effects of Cisplatin and Honokiol on the auditory system through hearing tests and analysis of the inner ear on a cellular and subcellular level in order to determine the mechanisms and sites of action for these drugs. The X-Ray Fluorescence method is used as a mepping technique on a nanometer scale in order to achieve this goal. The research conducted in this study has also allowed us to gain a greater understanding of the parts of the auditory system and how it functions.



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