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Conference Paper/Presentation

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Christopher Kolar; Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
Deborah McGrath; Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy


overexcitabilities, OEQII, gifted, STEM


Gifted Education | Psychology


Gifted individuals have been shown to have higher developmental potential, making them more likely to exhibit overexcitabilities (OEs) classified as psychomotor, sensual, intellectual, imaginational, or emotional. The OE levels between IMSA males and females and between IMSA students interested in STEM and Ohio generally gifted students were examined using the Overexcitabilty Questionnaire-two. Data from 70 IMSA sophomores were analyzed using descriptive statistics, ANOVA, and Bonferroni Correction method. Results showed that IMSA females had significantly higher sensual and emotional levels than males. Both IMSA males and females exhibited significantly lower imaginational OE levels than the Ohio students. This study will hopefully spark awareness of overexcitabilities in gifted populations, allow students to understand their feelings and behaviors, and provide possible explanations for low imagination in STEM populations.


Presentation at the 10th Annual Dabrowski Conference, July 19-21, 2012 in Denver, Colorado



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