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Conference Paper/Presentation


Presented at the 2021 Society of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity

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Steve Goldblatt; Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy


Open Innovation, Generation Z, Youth Open Innovation Club, STEM, Research Module


This research introduces a high school club's activities and outreach programs focusing on open innovation research and a global community network for disadvantaged children. Most STEM high schools do not provide appropriate awareness and knowledge of open innovation and neglect accessible research literature and materials for academic presentation at various international conferences. This presentation provides Youth Open Innovation (YOI) club at IMSA with an example of the club. The YOI mission is to educate Generation Z on the emerging open innovation trend through rigorous research methods and further provide global networking experiences and an innovative STEM curriculum for open social innovation. This study suggests that the newly developed curriculum by the YOI club will spread to Illinois high school students through an online presence in the short term and nurture future leaders who utilize open innovation to create innovative products in the long term. This study also suggests globalization through broader and more collaboration with diverse NGOs and startup companies worldwide.



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