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Begin in Staff pose. Inhale and you’re your feet apart as wide as you can comfortable. Point your tailbone and sits bones toward the back of the mat while tilting your pelvis slightly. Point your toes and knees up as much as possible by gently rolling your thighs back. Breathe deeply and slowly and lift the ribcage away from the hips. Inhale and reach your arms up and out to the sides as you expand your chest. Look up as you lift your chest. As you keep your chin and chest lifted, exhale and fold forward from your hips. Maintain length in the spine as you bring your chest closer to the floor. Avoid allowing the shoulders to roll forward. Lower your hands above or below your knees or to the floor in front of you. Use your hands to assist your back and ribcage as your fold forward more deeply. Continue to focus on your breath.

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Health and Physical Education

Seated Straddle Splits



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