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The field of bioinformatics integrates concepts of molecular biology and biological evolution with the high capacity data processing of computers in order to gain new insights into biology. In this seminar, students will learn about how bioinformatics ... Read More

Ecosystem Disruption & Climate Change
"Humans are altering the composition of biological communities through a variety of activities that increase rates of species invasions and species extinctions, at all scales, from local to global. These changes in components of the Earth's biodiversity ... Read More

The overarching theory of the field of biology is evolution. Evolution is the only scientific explanation for the origin and diversity of species and the adaptations that we see in organisms. Therefore, it is the only explanation ... Read More

Molecular and Cellular Biology
This is a one-semester course that explores modern molecular and cellular biology as well as its basis in Mendelian genetics. Students will investigate transmission genetics, biomolecule structure and function, control of the cell cycle, cellular signaling pathways, ... Read More

Nature of Science
Scientific Inquiries in Biology is a one-semester sophomore course for IMSA students to gain understanding and experience working with fundamental biological concepts. The course is based on essential questions that focus on the history of life on ... Read More