DigitalCommons@IMSA - Policies & Submission Guidelines

IMSA Faculty and Staff are encouraged to submit works that they have authored or created.

The IRC will post submissions to the public website according to the following guidelines:

  • Works will have been communicated to and validated by their peers
  • Works will reflect contributions to the mission and goals of IMSA
  • Works will be published on the repository website that is openly accessible on the Internet

Most file types can be posted to the website including PDFs, Word docs, sound & video files, and more. Examples of documents include:

  • Published articles where copyright allows
  • Books, monographs
  • Book chapters
  • Conference papers and presentations
  • Teacher resources such as lesson plans, curriculum guides, etc.
  • Dissertations, theses
  • Digital art, photography, audio files of exhibits, performances, etc.
  • Citations, abstracts of the above if copyright for the full-text is not attainable

If submitting a published article, the author will need to determine if the publisher permits including the full text in institutional repositories. One way to do this is to search the name of the journal, etc. on the Sherpa Romeo site.

If the full text may not be posted to DigitalCommons@IMSA, the author can still submit the citation and abstract.

For assistance please email: