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  • Welcome: Dr. Robert Hernandez, Executive Director of Student Affairs
  • Pledge of Allegiance: Heidi Dong, Student Council President
  • Opening Remarks: Dr. Jose Torres, IMSA President; Dr. Marie Dahleh, IMSA Principal
  • Feature Musical Piece: Jennifer Crawford, Class of 2012
  • Keynote Address: Dr. Gretchen Green, Class of 1992

Guest Biographies

Dr. Gretchen Green

Dr. Gretchen E. Green is a physician leader who brings a combined focus on science and society to benefit her patients, fellow physicians, and the US population at large through her role as vice chair of the National Women's History Museum Board of Directors. Currently an attending radiologist at Greensboro Radiology in North Carolina, Dr. Green has been actively involved in advocacy for women physicians and patients through research since graduating from the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and Brown University. Dr. Green advocates for women undergoing breast imaging and obstetrical ultrasound, using her expertise as a radiologist and her background on the societal impact of imaging technology. An active member of her community, she promotes breast cancer education and frequently gives talks to the public on breast cancer. Through her work with the American Medical Association (AMA), she achieved a modification to existing AMA policy to help cover mammography reimbursement for breast cancer patients. As Acting Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Women's History Museum, she facilitated passage of a bill in Congress to help create a physical location for the Museum in Washington DC to benefit visitors from around the world.

Dr. Green's current efforts are focused on educating physicians and patients on the technical and societal issues of imaging technology and to serve as a resource for companies looking to integrate the history of medicine into future development decisions. She has lectured nationally on women's imaging topics as well as the history of women in medicine, and has co-authored two acclaimed medical text- books on breast imaging with colleagues at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Green has a Sc.B in neuroscience, M.M.S. in the history of medicine and pharmacology and an M.D. from Brown University.

In 2013, Dr. Green was the recipient of the IMSA Alumni Distinguished Leadership Award.

Jennifer Crawford

Jennifer Crawford '12 has continued to pursue her academic and musical interests at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN, where she is a member of the Class of 2016. Jennifer is a proud member of the St. Olaf Band, a touring ensemble at St. Olaf College. Playing with the band has brought her across the country and even across the ocean to Spain, France, and Italy.

Since leaving IMSA in 2012, she has published an article on organometallic chemistry, "Nickel-catalyzed decarboxylative C-H arylation of azoles with perfluoro- and nitrobenzoates," in Organic Chemistry Frontiers, a peer-reviewed journal. The article may be found here: http://! divAbstract. This August Jennifer will be presenting a poster at the American Chemical Society's 250th National Conference, in Boston.



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