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  • Pledge of Allegiance and Welcome: Kevin Zhang, Student Council President; Dr. Glenn W. "Max" McGee, IMSA President; Dr. Diana L. Sharp, IMSA Principal, Chief Academic Officer
  • Featured Piece: Joshua Cote, '08; Dr. Jeong Hwang-Choe, IMSA Science Faculty Member
  • Keynote Speaker: D. LaMar Prude, '97; Procurement Financial Analyst, F-18 Platform, Boeing Company
  • Closing Remarks: Dr. Diana L. Sharp

Guest Biographies

D. LaMar Prude, '97

Dwan LaMar Prude, an IMSA Class of 1997 graduate, is the youngest of eight children and the son of Lillie B. Prude and the late Bishop Carl E. Prude, Sr. As a student at IMSA, Dwan was the starting point guard and captain of the Varsity Basketball team his junior and senior year, captain of the men's Track & Field team and member of the school record-breaking 400 Meter Relay and 800 Meter Relay teams. Both school records were set in 1997, and remain unbeaten today - 15 years later! In addition to his outstanding athletic achievements, Dwan served as a Resident Assistant, one of the Sr. At-Large Representatives and was selected by his fellow classmates as student speaker at the Commencement Ceremony for the IMSA Class of 1997.

Dwan graduated from the Missouri University of Science and Technology (MUST) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Management (Industrial Engineering) and a Master of Science degree in Engineering Management (Quality Engineering). Prude became fascinated with the dynamics of high performance teams and under the leadership of quality guru Dr. Ken Ragsdell; he completed his Master's Thesis - "Discerning Attributes Which Stimulate Performance In Quality Improvement Teams."

For nearly seven years, he has been employed at the Boeing Company in St. Louis, MO. as a Procurement Financial Analyst for the F-18 Platform. At just 33 years old, he serves as the Sr. Pastor of the Bride of Christ Church of God in Christ in East St. Louis, IL. As an extremely active member of the East St. Louis community, Dwan also serves as the Chairman of the Auxiliaries In Missions (AIMs) for the Illinois Southeast Jurisdiction of the Church of God In Christ Inc.; Chairman of the Board for the Watertable Group, one of St. Louis' largest non-profit organizations; and as CEO of the IllinoisTown Media International, LLC. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., a member of Toastmaster's International and is currently pursuing membership in the National Speakers Association (NSA).

D. LaMar Prude attributes much of his mindset to the substratum that he received at IMSA through problem based learning. He is passionate about fulfilling the IMSA mission and has recently begun working with IMSA Director of Enrollment Management Barb Miller to improve and increase student enrollment from the Southern Illinois area.

Dwan, a talented coach, speaker, professional trainer, and team builder, has spoken at many professional venues including networking events, small business association meetings and multi-level marketing events. In addition, Dwan was nominated for one of the St. Louis American's 20 under 40 awards. The substratum of his teaching and coaching is centered on Rosenthal's theories of high expectation. He has coined his signature quote, "Success is pursuing and attaining your God-given desire with peace through any adversity!"

Kevin Zhang FY12 Convocation.pdf (1344 kB)
Kevin Zhang, '13 Convocation Remarks

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Max McGee, Ph.D. Convocation Remarks

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Diana Sharp, Ph.D. Convocation Remarks

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