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  • Welcome: Katie Berger, Executive Director of Student Affairs
  • Pledge of Allegiance: Ray Shang '20, Student Council President
  • Opening Remarks: José M. Torres, Ph.D., President
  • Opening Remarks: Robert Hernandez, Ph.D., Principal
  • Featured Musical Selection: Alexandra Plattos Sulack ‘07, Vocalist and Jo Marie Sison ‘97, Violinist
  • Keynote Address: Claudia Flores ‘93
  • Auditorium Ribbon Cutting: José M. Torres, Ph.D., President
  • Closing Remarks: Robert Hernandez, Ph.D., Principal

Ray Shang FY20 Convocation.pdf (63 kB)
Ray Shang '20 Convocation Remarks

Jose Torres FY20 Convocation.pdf (107 kB)
José M. Torres, Ph.D. Convocation Remarks

Robert Hernandez FY20 Convocation.pdf (48 kB)
Robert Hernandez, Ph.D. Convocation Remarks

Claudia Flores FY20 Convocation.pdf (83 kB)
Claudia Flores '93 Keynote Address



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