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  • Opening Selections: Jonathan Bescanon, Foreign Language Faculty
  • Welcome: Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall, Executive Director; Dr. Gregg Sinner, Principal; Jessica Droste, Student Council President
  • Musical Selection: Jonathan Besancon, Foreign Language Faculty
  • Keynote Speaker: Terri Willard, Charter Class Graduate

Guest Biographies

Terri Willard

A charter class graduate of the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, Terri Willard has seen the world. From Illinois to Costa Rica and Appalachia to the Philippines, she has travelled the globe in an effort to educate others about recycling and conservation. Terri was recently awarded a Rhodes Scholarship due to her outstanding work both here and abroad.

Originally from Palatine, Terri earned a B.S. from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Washington, D.C. She is fluent in Spanish and studied abroad in Costa Rica for one year.

This year, Terri is an intern with the International Institute for Rural Reconstruction in Manila, the Philippines. This experience was made possible by a Henry Luce Foundation scholarship, a prestigious award given to 18 Americans

each year. Terri will be working with people who live on protected lands and helping them learn how to use their resources more appropriately.

While maintaining a 3.968 average in college, Terri volunteered for many organizations, including the Georgetown University Environmental Society, District Action Project, and Georgetown Recycles. During this time, she tutored, coordinated food and clothing drives, organized Senate petition drives, served on university committees, led group meetings, and earned a purple belt in Tae Kwon Do. She also served as an intern for the International Resources Group, organizing its 5.000-volume library and database system.

She spent several summers as a science curriculum assistant for a school district in Palatine. Her duties included administering a $56,000 state grant for the planning and construction of a nature trail and an accompanying fourth and fifth grade curriculum.

Stepanie Pace Marshall FY94 Convocation.pdf (2380 kB)
Stephanie Pace Marshall, Ph.D. Convocation Remarks

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Jessica Droste '95 Convocation Remarks

Terri Willard FY94 Convocation.pdf (5084 kB)
Terri Willard '94 Keynote Address

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