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This Diversifying STEM Think Tank will share the D-STEM Equity Model, which resulted from previous Think Tanks and continue to build upon it, providing strategies to enhance diversity in STEM education and careers. The factors that motivate Black and Latino students to engage in STEM will also be discussed, specifically related to the integration of a culturally responsive curriculum. With a focus on STEM equity, an increase in diverse STEM majors may occur, visibility of Black and Latino professionals in STEM careers may increase, and ultimately we may solve global problems in a culturally responsive manner. Thus, the 2020 Diversifying STEM Think Tank will focus on the development of a new vision, a culturally responsive, inquiry-based and problem-centered STEM curriculum to bring forth equity in STEM.

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Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Education | Gender Equity in Education

3rd Annual Diversifying STEM Think Tank



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