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Hespr is a mental health startup that believes that mental health is both a personal journey as well as a community one. Hespr is building an application that incorporates this idea using a guided journal, which facilitates the personal journey and a social platform to foster the community journey. It has a strong back-end which uses a variety of algorithms to calculate the emotions of the user. It combines all this with a sleek and functional UI. They focus on creating positive change in the world along with reimagining the way mental health is perceived and treated. As a marketing intern I would help promote the app on social media and create a marketing strategy to accomplish this. This strategy would include content creation, research, competitor analysis, and customer outreach. Throughout this process, multiple revisions to content would be made, and the company leadership would be debriefed to future plans. I submitted work to the CMO of the company, Ayaan Dhir, and for larger projects would talk to the CEO, Ethan Talreja, directly. I worked alongside 3 other interns: Eunice Kim, Edward Zhang, and Kaylee Zhou. Throughout this internship, my professional skills developed greatly. I gained graphic design, networking, and communication skills.

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Ethan Talreja; Hespr Inc., CEO


Innovation, Workforce Development, Career Pathways, Career Development


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

Social Media Marketing



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