2020 Intern Reports



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The plan of the company was to rework some parts of their website to automate submissions by employees and to attract more clients. The company I was interning with was CourseStars, a company that prides itself on finding excelled tutors to serve students. However, the project had a lot of complicated parts due to privacy issues and company policies.

First, the company needed to ensure that there was an easier way for them to give out tutor applications and publish tutors’ information on their website. The second issue was to drive tutor’s to work with CourseStars and make it easier for them to access the application on the CorseStars website.

The ideas for the form already existed on google forms and it needed to be moved to the official website for better accessibility and less confusion. Furthermore, this will make it easier for CourseStars to manage their tutor since all data will exist in one place.

There were several issues with how the application forms would work and that was the primary focus of my research.

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Jill Ko; CourseStar, CEO


Innovation, Workforce Development, Career Pathways, Career Development


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

Internship with CourseStars



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