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Early Childhood STEM, Early Childhood Coding, Early Childhood Computational Thinking, Elementary STEM, Elementary Coding, Elementary Computational Thinking, Early Childhood Computer Science, Elementary Computer Science


Curriculum and Instruction | Early Childhood Education | Educational Methods | Educational Technology | Elementary Education | Elementary Education and Teaching | Pre-Elementary, Early Childhood, Kindergarten Teacher Education | Science and Mathematics Education | Teacher Education and Professional Development


For young children growing in today’s digital world, the acquisition of coding and computer programming skills has become a popular and appropriate focus in education. Beyond engaging in technology and coding applications as consumers – the passive act of sitting in front of a screen and merely pressing buttons without a high level of thought – early childhood students are capable of high-quality programming tasks through play-based learning experiences. As producers, our youngest students may explore the open-ended nature of computer programming and coding through design, art, and innovation. Engaging in coding builds valuable and transferable practices such as problem solving, flexibility, and perseverance, as well as developmentally appropriate skills including social and emotional exploration, fine motor movement, and cognitive challenges. Written to highlight and intentionally develop foundational coding skills, a collection of ”powerful ideas” have been integrated into play-based, hands-on activities appropriate for early childhood students with or without access to a digital robot.



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