Most Recent Additions


Selective Breeding for Flower Color Using Pigment Analysis
Mara Adams and Maxine Alexandre-Strong


TNF: The Key To Preventing Type 1 Diabetes
Bopo Taiwo and Peter Baffoe


A Study on Hypoxis hemerocallidea
Eliza Apavaloaiei


GIGANTIC: Galactic Interpretive GANs To Identify Curiosities
Wonjun Park, Roshan Thekiniath, and Tejo Velagapudi


Extracting Soil Cores and Using Geophysical Methods to Determine the Geology of IMSA’s Campus
Meghan Hendrix, Rachel Moreno, Ethan Phillips, and Grace Sleyko


Crystal Structures of Large Volume Commercial Pharmaceuticals
Shivang Bhaskar, Diana Gonzalez, Jerry Hong, and Nilan V. Patel


Multispectral Imaging and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Klaybis Asllani, Alexander Domowicz, and Marcus Ludwig

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