Welcome to the twenty-eighth year of the Student Inquiry and Research Program (SIR)! This is a program that is as old as IMSA. The SIR program represents our unending dedication to enabling our students to learn what it is to be an innovator and to make contributions to what is known on Earth. We have always believed that learning is best done by experience as opposed to study alone, and we continue to put this experience in the hands of our talented and driven young people.

The research cycle consists of five discrete stages: exploration, synthesis, planning, execution, and communication. Our students experience these five stages in a variety of different areas, as you will find by exploring the contents of this book. Through their rich experiences with the extraordinary individuals at the many universities, laboratories, companies, and other organizations who have partnered with IMSA, the students have made great strides in understanding each of these stages and in acquiring the ability to undertake them independently. Each student is making the journey along the path to become innovators who will go forward to create new knowledge upon which others can build.

We want to express our gratitude for the generosity and steadfast support of all the experts and leaders who have nurtured our remarkable students this year. We are well aware of the time, effort, and additional cost generously put forth by these amazing individuals and organizations. We could not have completed the work we have before us without your help! We are most grateful for what you have done and we hope to continue to work together going forward.

Please join us in celebrating the truly amazing accomplishments of the scientists and students of the SIR program!

2016 IMSAloquium Abstract Booklet

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