Reforming Female Education Levels to Reduce Child Marriage



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Information Motivating Public Activism (IMPACT)

UN Sustainable Development Goal

UNSDG #5: Gender Equality

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24-4-2024 10:05 AM

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24-4-2024 10:20 AM


Women around the world are forced to end their education early and get married off while they are still children. Oftentimes, they become mothers before they finish developing themselves. The cycle of early marriage and limited education often extends to future generations, as children born to young mothers are more likely to experience poor health outcomes and reduced resources for education and opportunities. Our project is under the category of the UN Sustainability Goals four and five: Quality Education and Gender Equality. It aims to highlight the correlation between literacy rates or low education levels and the marriage age or first pregnancy. We will investigate the evolution of this issue in the world, and focus on specific regions with stagnation or regression. Additionally, we will research the effects of this correlation on female employment, and its effects on the country’s economic status as a whole. We hypothesize that a lower education level or literacy rate correlates with a younger age at marriage–correlating to a decreased likelihood of entering the workforce. By examining these correlations, our project aims to uncover the multifaceted impacts of this issue on individuals, and the societies they’re a part of. Then, we will highlight initiatives and solutions to these issues, primarily by spreading knowledge about this problem. We seek to inform evidence-based interventions and policy reforms that promote gender equality, spread education across the world, and empower women and girls.


Apr 24th, 10:05 AM Apr 24th, 10:20 AM

Reforming Female Education Levels to Reduce Child Marriage