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ACTFL 5Cs have been widely adopted by many Chinese programs. However, the culture elements, both traditional and contemporary, have mostly been brought into the classroom in English in order to help non-heritage learners understand and experience the intricate cultural contents, especially in lower level classrooms. This session will present various strategies to integrate culture into a target language-rich curriculum. From the legend of Chang-e and the four great inventions of ancient China to Gaokao (College Entrance Exam) and social norms influenced by the social media in modern China, the presenters will share essential questions and various innovative unit designs incorporating cultural contents to enable learners to ask compelling questions and therefore develop their cultural competency along with achieving language proficiency. Examples of curriculum design with UbD framework, teaching activities and student work from two high school programs implementing 90% plus target language will be provided.

从嫦娥到小米手机,如何在90%目标语言中文课堂里教文化 美 国外语教师协会的五C已被许多中文项目广为采用。然而,无论是传统或现代的文化元素,大多以英语在课堂介绍,来帮助非华裔学生了解和体验微妙的文化内涵, 尤其是在初学者的课堂中。本讲座将介绍在以目标语教学的中文课堂中,如何将文化纳入教学的策略。从嫦娥的传说以及古代的四大发明到今日中国的高考(大学入 学考试)和深受社交媒体影响的社会规范,为了让学习者能在学习后提出引人深省的问题,并在发展语言能力之际也深入地了解文化,主讲人将分享引导学生思考的 主要问题以及创新的单元设计。讲座中并将展两个高中中文项目的课程设计实例(UbD),教学活动,以及学生作品。

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