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  • Prelude Music: Chris Trigg, 2005 IMSA Graduate
  • Pledge of Allegiance: John Li, Student Council President
  • Welcome: John Li, Student Council President; Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall, President; Dr. Eric McLaren, Principal; Dr. Leon Lederman, IMSA Resident Scholar, 1998 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics
  • Musical Selection: Chris Trigg, 2005 IMSA Graduate
  • Keynote Speaker: First Lieutenant Kenyatta H. Ruffin United States Air Force, 1999 IMSA Graduate

Guest Biographies

First Lieutenant Kenyatta H. Ruffin

First Lieutenant Kenyatta H. Ruffin is a F-16 pilot in the 523 Fighter Squadron, Crusaders, at Cannon Air Force Base, NM. The Crusaders fly the Block 30 F-16C+ and specialize in both air-to-air and precision air-to-ground employment.

Lieutenant Ruffin earned his commission after graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 2003. There he earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in aeronautical engineering with a minor in military doctrine, operations, and strategy. While a cadet, Lieutenant Ruffin had the opportunity to serve as the cadet commander of the 94th Flight Training Squadron. In this role, he was directly responsible for more than 200 cadet instructor pilots and advised the active duty officers on the operation of the squadron's 20 gliders, "soar-for-all", instructor upgrade, and advanced programs. He was qualified as a basic acrobatic, spin and stan/eval instructor pilot. Lieutenant Ruffin also has his Federal Aviation Administration Certified Flight Instructor and commercial licenses. Lieutenant Ruffin has over 1200 total hours in civilian and military aircraft. Additionally, he is the class vice president for the Class of 2003.

Lieutenant Ruffin entered the U.S. Air Force Academy directly from his high school, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy® in Aurora, IL. He is originally from Maywood, IL and has two younger brothers, Sidney, 21 and Melcolm 14. He is married to the former Tane L. Peterson of Philadelphia, PA.

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