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  • Welcome: Katie Berger, Chief Student Affairs Officer
  • Pledge of Allegiance: Yina Wang '23, Student Council President
  • Opening Remarks: Dr. Evan M. Glazer, President
  • Opening Remarks: Dr. Comfort Akwaji-Anderson, Principal and Chief Academic Officer
  • Featured Musical Selection: "Violin Concerto No. 2 in D minor, Op. 22" by Henryk Wieniawski, performed by Sooah (Irene) Park '23, Violinist, Robert Sacks, Pianist
  • Keynote Address: Joe Beda '93
  • Closing Remarks: Dr. Comfort Akwaji-Anderson, Principal and Chief Academic Officer

Guest Biographies

Guest Biographies

JOE BEDA ‘93: Joe Beda is a technologist with a history of working across many parts of our industry from web browsers to real time communication systems to cloud computing. He started his career at Microsoft working on Internet Explorer and client platforms before moving on to Google.

His career at Google spanned many different areas. He started his career there working to bring Google Talk (which eventually became Google Hangouts and Google meet) to market. This involved working to interface with telephone systems around the world and establish new signaling protocols (such as the XMPP based Jingle protocols). He then worked with the Google ads system to help advertisers get the most out of their advertising budget using machine learning and big data analytics. Joe was then a founding member of Google Cloud Platform. He started the Google Compute Engine project and led many new technologies at Google, including an expanded investment in virtualization, virtual networking, virtual block devices, API systems and customer tooling.

During his tenure at Google, he helped start Kubernetes, and then co-founded Heptio, a leader in the cloud native movement. After 2 years, he sold Heptio to VMware. Joe joined the Principal Engineer community at VMware and helped to expand the technical and product investment at VMware in the Cloud Native space. This includes defining and driving the architecture behind VMware Tanzu.

Before starting Heptio, Joe was also an Entrepreneur in Residence with the VC firm Accel. While exploring startup ideas, he helped guide portfolio companies and advised on new investment opportunities. During this time he initiated the SPIFFE project (Secure Production Identity Framework For Everyone) which went on to become a CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) member project.

Joe holds a B.S. from Harvey Mudd College and lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Rachel (a medical doctor and fellow Harvey Mudd College alum) and their two daughters.

SOOAH PARK ‘23: Sooah (Irene) Park is a current senior at IMSA and has been playing violin for 10 years. She has participated in ILMEA since her sophomore year and has been a part of the All-State Honors orchestra since then. Her most recent and proudest accomplishment is placing second in the American Protege International Competition and was able to perform at Carnegie Hall this summer. She currently studies under Injoo Choi and has been a part of IMSA’s Chamber Strings for 3 years.



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