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  • Opening Selection: Mr. Jonathan Besancon, Foreign Language Faculty
  • Welcome: Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall, Executive Director; Dr. Gregg Sinner, Principal; Ms. Sindhu Revuluri, Student Council President
  • Musical Selection: Mr. Jonathan Besancon, Foreign Language Faculty
  • Keynote Speaker: Mr. Walter Lee, 1992 IMSA Graduate

Guest Biographies

Walter T. Lee

Walter T. Lee graduated from the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy in 1992 and entered a seven-year Integrated Liberal Arts Medical Program at George Washington University. Walter has been enrolled in the University Honors Program since his arrival at George Washington and has been an active participant and leader in a vast number of campus and community activities.

Walter's involvement in Student Pugwash USA began at the Academy in 1989 and continued at the collegiate level when he served as a founder of the George Washington Chapter in 1992. Beginning in 1992 and through the present time he serves on the National Board of Directors of Pugwash. He is also a co-founder of PAGAN. Philosophers Arguing Godly Answers Now. and serves as the editor of "Wooden Teeth", the George Washington Literary Magazine.

An active volunteer, Walter spent this past summer in a village medical clinic as a Ghana Ministry of Health volunteer, serving on a medical team through Operation Crossroads Africa. Other volunteer work includes his efforts to co-found the 21st Street Friends, an organization providing educational enhancement and mentoring at Stevens Elementary School in St. Louis. He also served as a Head Start volunteer in the summer of 1992 working with migrant children and in the summer of 1991 he spent five weeks at the Phanat Nikhom Refugee Camp in Thailand as part of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.

Highly recognized for his scholarship and contributions, Walter received the New Student Leadership Development Scholarship, honorable mention in the Charles E. Gauss Prize for academic excellence, and the Alexander Wilbourne Weddell Peace Prize. He was selected to question President Clinton in MTV's Enough is Enough Forum and represented George Washington University at Harvard's Human Health and the Environment: A Symposium on the Medical Consequences of Environmental Degradation. Walter published "Human Experimentation in AIDS Drug Testing" in the National Pugwash publication, presented at the 18th Annual SHOCK Conference, presented research at the Peacemaking and Social Change Student Conference, and led a session entitled "Sexual Decision Making' at the National Youth Peer AIDS Educator Conference.

For the past two years Walter was the lead researcher at Walter Reed Army Medical Center investigating Thoracic Electrical Impedance as a non-invasive method to measure cardiac output and worked as part of a surgical team researching hypothermia as a treatment in hemorrhagic shock trauma. Walter currently serves as a Peer AIDS Educator, holds a brown belt in Wado Ryu Style and Shuto-Kan Style, and is Program Director for Project Outreach Science working with inner-city middle schools to improve the quality of education.

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Stephanie Pace Marshall, PhD. Convocation Remarks

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Sindhu Revuluri '96 Convocation Remarks

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Walter Lee '92 Keynote Address

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Convocation Excerpts

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