Future Highway

Future Highway

Illinois ranks third in the nation, behind Texas and California, in the number of interstate miles, has over 15,000 miles of highways, includes more than 26,000 bridges as well as seven scenic byways. Illinois roadways play an important part in transportation across the country. Whether it is around the southern tip of Lake Michigan or across many rivers, including the Ohio, Illinois, and Mississippi Rivers, Illinois has major north south and east west roadways. The Illinois Tollway Association is responsible for construction and maintenance of many miles of these important roads.

Future Highway, produced in cooperation with the Illinois Tollway, provides hands-on experiences for students to explore this system. The activities integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Themes explore the construction and maintenance of highways as well as their interactions with communities and the environment.

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Theme 1: Structure and Process

Tema 1: Estructura y proceso

Theme 2: Around Town

Tema 2: Por la ciudad

Theme 3: Traffic Management

Tema 3: Tráfico

Theme 4: Please Pass the Salt

Tema 4: Por favor, pásame la sal

Theme 5: Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Tema 5: ¿Por qué la gallina cruzó la calle?