2020 Intern Reports



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Are there universal guidelines that ensure the efficacy of a business website’s design and marketing appeal to consumers? Through the field studies of competitor businesses of private tutoring company CourseStars, LLC. as well as research journals confirming the significance of behavioral economics working hand in hand with user experience website design, we determined that the best course of action was to rebrand the CourseStars website to reflect a personal connection its tutors can make with their students. The general principles to make a “good website” are ease of use, trust, transaction security, and behaviorally, using consumers’ cost-benefit analysis and their other biases. This and the streamlining of the website’s appearance and organization served to expand CourseStars’s target audience and increase customer retention via engagement on the website.

Publication Date



Jill Ko; CourseStar, CEO


Innovation, Workforce Development, Career Pathways, Career Development


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations

Marketing and Design Applications in Website Development



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