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Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, IMSA, STEM, black and Latino students, STEM gap, personalized assessment, evaluation, leadership


Is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) truly for all? According to the literature, it is rare to find gifted and talented Black and Latino Students who are engaged in STEM (C. G. Wright, 2011; LSA, 2005; Scott, 2010; Speight & Weatherspoon, 2009). They are virtually invisible in these majors and careers. While Caucasians and Asians view STEM careers as a world of opportunities, Blacks and Latinos see them as challenging and inaccessible (The Center on Education and Work, 2008). This results from a lack of exposure to STEM in K - 12 education, mathematics phobias, students’ misperceptions of what science is, lack of real-life application of science, lack of motivation to succeed, and peer pressure that devalues high achievement (Flores, 2007; PEW, 2005; Scott, 2010; QEMN, 2010). Black and Latino students tend to pursue familiar areas, such as the arts or athletics where they are sure they can excel because their role models have excelled in those areas already (Schlesinger, 2005).


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