Goal 3: Interpersonal Intelligence Narrative

Document Type

Classroom Resource

Publication Date

Winter 12-2023

Target Audience

Students/Young adults exploring relationships of all types


Adolescents and young adults are going through their years of experiencing some of the most formative relationships and relationship experiences they will have in their life. It is important, therefore, that they be taught about healthy and unhealthy behaviors that can occur in relationships, that they gain knowledge in how to help someone in an unhealthy relationship, and that students understand the nuances of relationships—no relationship is perfect. We will also look at how, due to the rise of media and social media, our views of healthy and unhealthy relationships become influenced by the media. Therefore, the purpose of this program is to teach students to identify indicators of healthy and unhealthy relationships, how to help someone in an unhealthy relationship, and how the media and social media has influenced our views of relationships.



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