IMSA’s Leadership Education & Development program (LEAD) is a student facilitated course for sophomore students. At IMSA, we believe that leadership can be learned through discussion and application. Thus, this course is designed to take an intricate look at various definitions, theories, models, and conceptualizations of leadership. Students are challenged to think critically about leadership during peer-to-peer facilitated class discussions, hands-on exercises, and group work. Students are provided with leadership foundations early in the year through LEAD’s Evolution of Leadership Modules. These modules examine the nature of leadership as it is understood through organizational and psychological models. After the Evolution of Leadership Theory modules, LEAD students attend meetings of CORE modules and an elective series of their choice.

LEAD culminates in the presentation of student projects, developed in elective modules, at the annual Student Leadership Exchange (SLX). SLX provides students an opportunity to present their projects and research to entrepreneurs, visiting professors, experts in their fields, IMSA faculty, state legislators, and most importantly each other. SLX functions much like an academic conference focusing on youth leadership, bringing awareness to social issues from around the world.

Connected to SLX is the long-standing tradition of the Hollister lecture, an annual lecture series sponsored by the family of one of IMSA’s former faculty Dr. Bernard Hollister. The Hollister Lecture series aims to inform students about various social issues and topics in student leadership.

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2018 Student Leadership Exchange

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2018 Student Leadership Exchange