Model NGSS Lessons: Kindergarten - 3rd Grade

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Grade Level: 2nd Grade

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Background Information

There are many geographical features on the Earth, each with its own traits. These landforms may have been formed by plate tectonics. If tectonic plates move toward each other, and collide. The land is pushed upward resulting in hills and mountains. Sometimes plates move toward each other and one plate is forced downward into the earth creating deep trenches.

The formation of new crust and volcanoes are just two features caused by moving plates. As plates move away from one another, water may accumulate resulting in lakes, streams, and rivers. As these water shapes expand, they may change into features such as oceans and seas. Wind and water erosion also play a part in shaping the land.

Performance Expectations

2-ESS2-2 Earth's Systems

Develop a model to represent the shapes and kinds of land and bodies of water in an area.



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